Monday, April 11, 2011

The Enchanted Oak Forest...

A secret oak forest a friend shared the location of a while back. I really love how the light played throughout the shoot.

DT11282010 063-1

DT11282010 064-1

DT11282010 070-1

DT11282010 073-1

DT11282010 077-1

DT11282010 080-1

DT11282010 082-1

DT11282010 086-1

DT11282010 095-1

DT11282010 096-1

DT11282010 101-1

DT11282010 108-1


  1. Where did you take these? They remind me of a spot near the POW camp near Gulfport MS.

    You captured the feel of the wood and the play of the light very well.

  2. It is a place in Wakulla County, Florida. A true oak hammock ecosystem. Thanks for the comment... I plan to go back soon, this was taken in winter, I want to see what spring does to the place!