Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pelicans and A way of Life at Spring Creek...

I Spent the evening at a place called Spring Creek, located in Wakulla County Florida. It's a quaint fishing village that is still carrying on and passing the tradition along. I went there just for the Pelicans because I had been wanting to capture them for months and heard they stayed real close to the docks down in Spring Creek. I fell in love with the charm of the place and just the story it had to tell. Here is a sampling of life at Spring Creek and the Pelicans too.

The Sentnel

Spring Creek 12042010 003-1

The Fisherman Take Care of these Creatures by throwing them trash fish

Spring Creek 12042010 042-1

The Competition Can Be Fierce.

Spring Creek 12042010 071-1

Cleaning the day's catch...

Spring Creek 12042010 174-1

I love these creatures! At times graceful and beautiful, and then others awkward and clumsy. I think he's in the graceful stage.

Spring Creek 12042010 179-1

Love Catching Them In Flight, even if they never stayed center of the lens.

Spring Creek 12042010 230-1

Did not catch this fellas name, but he's a fishing dog. He spent the whole day out with the fisherman. I am sure he was glad to be back on land.

Spring Creek 12042010 254-1

The end of a long day. I can hear Otis Redding playing in my mind.

Spring Creek 12042010 325-1

And among the other creatures calling Spring Creek Home are the Dock Cats

Spring Creek 12042010 399-1

Some of these guys where limping along. I guess they haven't toughened up their paws for walking among the shells.

Spring Creek 12042010 404-1

Part of the bountiful harvest. Stone Crab Claws

Spring Creek 12042010 407-1

Cleaning the boat after a hard days work.

Spring Creek 12042010 416-1

Life on a Boat

Spring Creek 12042010 421-1

Tools of the Trade

Spring Creek 12042010 444-1

Weathered by the Storms of Life and Love and Work

Spring Creek 12042010 456-1

The Dock Kitties waiting their turn after the Pelicans

Spring Creek 12042010 426-1

Thiis was a sampling... If you'd like to see the entire pictorial follow this link to the set.