Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In a Black and White Mood 2010

At the end of every year I take a photo tour of the back roads of North Florida and South Georgia. I look for worn down buildings, old farm houses and the like. This year's series comes from the Quincy, Florida Area. An old house and a spooky abandoned church. I really had fun with the lighting and angles inside the abandoned church. Hope you enjoy...

DT11282010 001-1

DT11282010 006-1

DT11282010 016-1

DT11282010 023-1

DT11282010 024-1

DT11282010 029-1

DT11282010 032-1

DT11282010 035-1

DT11282010 036-1

DT11282010 041-1

DT11282010 017-1

DT11282010 049-1

DT11282010 053-1